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Mako Seeds

Since opening in 2015, Mako Seeds has been the go-to bulk seed supplier for people looking for top-quality, all-natural, unprocessed seeds.


Like stated above, our seeds are completely unprocessed; meaning you don’t have to worry about the lack of care that goes into some other large suppliers “treating” the seeds. Think about it… do you really want to consume food that has been doused in chemicals, thrown into a bag, and left to sit around for weeks at a time ABSORBING the chemicals you shouldn’t even be consuming in the first place? We sure wouldn’t! With our unprocessed seeds, you get to know exactly what goes into your body by having the chance to clean, cook, and do whatever else you see fit to them YOURSELF. It’s comparable to you buying or growing fresh produce instead of canned, making your own dinner instead of getting takeout, or squeezing your own fruit instead of buying juice boxes. After all, you have the right to know what you’re putting into your body. When you buy our seeds, you have our guarantee that they are completely fresh, untreated, and the most delicious seeds you’ve ever tasted.


Not only do we have the best seeds in the market, we have the fastest shipping you could hope for. We have SAME DAY shipping for any order placed before 1pm EST Monday through Friday. We offer next day delivery options if you need your order a little quicker than usual, so you really can’t go wrong! Any orders placed during the weekend or late Friday afternoons will be shipped out first thing Monday. All of our products are carefully packaged to ensure that nothing happens to your order on it’s way to your doorstep.


That’s not all! On top of our product quality and speedy shipping, we have a top-notch staff that is dedicated to making your shopping experience as smooth and easy as possible. Unlike some other companies you’ve likely dealt with in the past, our customer support agent responds quickly, takes care of your problems efficiently, and is happy to answer any questions you may have at all hours of the day. Make sure to check out our Contact Us page for our phone number and email address or feel free to check out our nifty Chat option box on the bottom right of your screen.


Do you like saving money? That’s a silly question; of course you do! On top of our already fantastic prices, we hold regular site-wide sales that we’re sure you won’t want to miss. Make sure to check our site regularly or subscribe to email updates from us so you can take advantage of the best prices you’ll find anywhere! Did you know that Mako Seeds also has a rewards program? That’s right; Shark Points is a fantastic program made to help you save money on future orders. Get 1000 points just for signing up and another point for every dollar you spend! Your rewards can even be combined with ANY of the sales we have running on our site. Check out our redeemable rewards by clicking here. Here at Mako Seeds, we understand that you work hard for your money; and we really hope you take advantage of these savings.


Stop wasting your time and money with suppliers that don’t care about their products, their service, or most importantly… you. We have the BEST quality products, BEST customer service, and most of all, we truly care. Shop at Mako Seeds and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

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